An heavy rain fell down in the night and let the track in wet conditions for the first practices of the day, and so moto3 FP3 has seen higher laptime than those of yesterday.
Makar Yurchenko, who felt comfortable with the conditions of the track, managed to carry on yesterday’s work and he was able to ended up in 6th position. Unfortunately, as the track was slower, he wasn’t been able to gain some positions in the combined practices standing.
He went on to the track for QP1(which was in dry conditions) , where he finished 3rd, and in the QP2 he battled a lot with the other riders and he finally obteined a positive P.10 for tomorrow race.
Instead, Kazuki Masaki had not find a good feeling in the morning with the wet track, but he tried to do as many laps as possible to feel more comfortable on the bike.
This afternoon he went out only for QP1, as he was in P.11 in the overall standing, and after a little crash when he was signing a good laptime, he ended up in P.15.


“Today was a positive day because we were able to ended up with a good feeling both in dry and wet conditions. This morning my team has done a very good job which let me finish in P.6. We also improved our laptime in dry conditions and finally we were able to gain a P.10 in the grid for tomorrow race. I’m very happy with the work we have done today because now I’m very comfortable with the bike and also with the track.”


“This morning during FP3 we made a small “disaster” because in wet conditions I didn’t feel very comfortable with the bike and we weren’t able to find a good feeling and pace. This afternoon, I went straight to QP2 , thanks to yesterday’s laptime, but I crashed when I was doing my fast lap. Even so we finished fifthteenth, but for tomorrow race I hope that it will be in dry conditions. Either with dry or wet track, I will push hard in order to gained some positions.

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