BOÉ MOTORSPORTS, He started his career at the end of 2013, in a very short period of time he was able to activate a structure in the CEV, it proved to be a very professional and competitive structure from the beginning.

In the season of debut 2014 the equipment participated completely in the FIM CEV but it even arrived at the international scene making its appearance like wildcard in 6 Grands Prix of the Championship of the World and in the CIV. Thanks to Gabriel Rodrigo, the team added 6 podiums and two pole positions as well as a victory in their only participation of the CIV.

2015 was a year of learning for the Barcelona team: the arrival to the Moto3 World Championship with a structure of three riders has allowed the team to improve their knowledge and settle between the structures of the most prestigious Championship of the two wheels.

For the year 2016 and 2017 the team had the experience of Juanfran Guevara and the hard work of Gabriel Rodrigo. Between both, they offered the first fruits of the hard work of team and drivers to obtain the first important results, many first lines, pole positions, even a podium, with the drivers permanently seeing themselves in the leading group.

The season 2018 continued the growth with Gabriel Rodrigo and Kazuki Masaki, assiduously settling in the top of the leaderboard obtaining a seventh place in the Moto3 World Championship.

During the 2019 season, Boe Motorsports faces a new challenge, two young riders such as Kazuki Masaki and Makar Y

During the 2019 season, Boe Motorsports faced a new challenge, two young drivers such as Kazuki Masaki and Makar Yurchenko with whom he worked hard and on certain occasions managed to reach the lead of the race.

In 2020, a very difficult season due to COVID-19, Boe Motorsports managed to race with the leading group thanks to the skills of Riccardo Rossi, who will continue in the 2020 season to consolidate his evolution as a World Championship Rider.

In 2021, even under the restrictions due to the Coronavirus, the riders Riccardo Rossi and Stefano Nepa, who stood out in the previous season for a clear step forward in his riding, managed to exceed their expectations. With the help of the whole team, Rossi achived 3 Parc Fermé and a well-deserved Podium at Le Mans, while Nepa would be a regular at the top of the race throughout the championship.

2022, without the restrictions due to the Coronavirus, would be when BOE Motorsports would bet everything on a young talent, David Muñoz #44, who, being under 16 years old, would miss the first 7 races of the championship, in which He would be replaced by Gerard Riu, who had a surprising progression after not having much luck in his previous year in the FIM. The BOE Motorsports team would see his bet rewarded already in David Muñoz’s 2nd race, in which the Rider would achieve his first podium in Barcelona, ​​after coming back from 24th position, What a Home Race for the BOE! On the other hand, Ana Carrasco #22 would be the only woman to run in the World Cup always supported and protected by the team.