A cloudy saturday here in Jerez let the track a little bit more fresh than yesterday. 

Riders started FP3 with more positive feelings with the bike, which gave them the possibility to scored a better lap time than the other from yesterday. 

Yurchenko ended up FP3 in 8° place, and he gained this way the pass to go straight to QP2, where he obtained an 18° position with 1’47.843 as his best lap time. 

Masaki, even if has set a better lap time this morning, wasn’t able to go straight the same to QP2. In QP1 he scored a very positive lap time but unfortunately he ended up just behind the first four position and he will start this way from p.22 with the time of 1’46.991.


“This morning we was able to set better run than yesterday and I scored my weekend’s best lap time, which is 1’46.339.I’m very happy with the work we have done this morning, most of all because I have a good feeling with the bike. Unfortunately during qualifying practices we haven’t been lucky and we didn’t make the best strategy, but even so I keep in mind what I have to do tomorrow in order to try to finish the race as near as possible to the first positions. 


“This morning I changed bike’s setting and I was able to improve my feeling but unfortunately a better lap time didn’t come. Then in qualifying practices I kept improving my lap time lap by lap but in the end we didn’t finished in the right positions to go to QP2. I’m a bit disappointed about today, but tomorrow we will try to do our best and try to gained some position during the race. “

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