Sixteenth round of the season for our team, who is finally landed in Japan to start the three back-to-back races. The Japanese round is set to take place on the Twin Ring Motegi, whose name comes from the presence of two different layouts; the first is an oval in American car races style, whereas the second is a normal road circuit. 

The weather in this season is always uncertain, especially after the the typhoon which spread out over the coast last week, so every session is crucial to sign the lap time to enter directly the QP2. 

For our Makar Yurchenko is the first time here, and he started to complete many laps in order to learn the new track. With his team, he modified the setting of his bike and his feeling in the braking points improved, letting him set a good lap time during FP2, in which he ended up the 18th by only 0.7 gap from the first. 

Our Japanese Kazuki Masaki, found some difficulties on this track in this conditions, and even though this is his home GP, he had to work a lot in his bike to improve his feeling. Despite of this, he has been able to set a good lap time during FP2, to finish only 1 second behind the best lap. 

Although tomorrow the weather is supposed to be rainy and cold, our riders will be ready to fight to obtain a pass for QP2. 


“It has been a positive day one overall. In this track the gap between the riders is very reduced, so it’s quite difficult to make a consistent improvement. Although it’s my first time here, it has been easy to learn the layout and this afternoon I have been able to improve my lap time. The only thing I didn’t like was the brake, but we managed to make a small change and my feeling improved, by having less slipping. For tomorrow we have to find out something more to change on my bike and try improve my lap time.”


“Today I had to find again the feeling I had lost during the last GP. This track is familiar to me, but sometimes there are different conditions and the setting of the bike need to be adjusted. Finally my lap time is not so bad, but for sure I need an improvement to complete a good qualifying tomorrow. Riders here are always very closed to each other also in the race, but it is better to start the race from a good position. Tomorrow I will give my best to try obtain a better result.”

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