Today’s FP3 started with Kazuki Masaki’s high side during the last free practice before the qualify session, which determine the starting grid for the race.

Although Masaki suffered a big crash, he decided to wait his bike to be ready, and back on track in order to finish the practice. Between FP3 and QP1, he had to do some physical controls with Clínica Mobile’s team, and he has been able to went on the bike even the pain was getting intense. He gave his 100% during the qualifying practice, but even so, he has not been able to get a pass for QP2. 

Although Makar Yurchenko had a good feeling with his bike after some setting changes, he has not been able to sign fast lap times during FP3, and he ended up just behind the first fourteenth positions, which would have gave him the pass to go straight to QP2.During QP1, his feeling with his bike was improving, and he was signing good lap times, but unfortunately, the faster one has been cancelled, as he exceed track limits, and he obtained a nineteenth position for the race. 


“Today I have not been so lucky. I started the FP3 with a good feeling, thanks to the great work and changes we were doing on my bike. I have not been able to sign a goo lap time during the last free practice, as we were trying different things for the race, but I was thinking to end up a good qualifying result and obtain a pass to go to QP2. Unfortunately, I ended up just one position behind the first qualified riders, but for sure tomorrow I will give my best to stay with the first group.” 


“Today has been a very difficult day for me due to the crash I suffered in the out lap during FP3. It has also been so hard signing a fast lap time, as yesterday, after the crash, I couldn’t made many laps and try different settings on my bike. The pain I received during the crash, caused some problems, but I am pretty sure that tomorrow will be better, so for sure I will give all my best in order to do a good race.”

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