Sunny and hot Saturday in the track of Mugello let our riders keeping on the work they have made yesterday.  This morning either Kazuki Masaki and Makar Yurchenko went out on track, signing very positive lap times, but unfortunately in the last run they haven’t been able to make the right step which had would let them with the first group.  Combined free practices sessions, which includes Friday FP1 and FP2 and Saturday FP3, sees our riders in P.24 for Kazuki Masaki and P.25 for Makar Yurchenko.  Because of their positions, they had to enter the track for the first qualifying practice session, where they ended up just behind the first four riders who obtained the pass for the QP2. 


“Today I started with a good feeling, thanks to the work we have done with my team yesterday. During FP3 I was signing good lap times and I was with the big group, but then, in the last run I had to lost five second in sector 3 because of the traffic. For this reason we had to pass trough QP1, where, unfortunately, we hadn’t been able to sign a lap time which had would let us end up in the first four positions.” 


“During FP3 I went out on track with positive feeling with my bike, which allowed me signing good lap times and staying in the first ten positions. In the last run my plan was to try improving our best lap, but unfortunately, I was in the middle of a big and slow group, and so I wasn’t been able to finish the session in a positive position. QP1 was a little bit crazy and messy, with slow riders who were waiting the first two in order to follow them for a good lap time. Because of this, even in qualifying session, I wasn’t been able to sign a very positive lap time. “

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