Finally we landed in England for the twelfth race of the season. Moto3’s class will race in Silverstone Circuit, the longest of the calendar with his 5.9 km, which includes 8 left corners and 10 right ones. 

The first day started with FP1 session at nine o’clock, the first free practice session of the weekend. During this forty minutes, our riders have been able to sign good and fast lap times, and they have been also able to obtain some positive informations for their bike’s setting. 

Unfortunately, Kazuki Masaki, suffered a bad crash, which destroyed his bike and he had to wait until FP2 as his bike needed to be repaired. All the team made a great job between FP1 and FP2, and the bike was finally ready for the second session, during which Kazuki, has been able to improve his lap time and pace. 

On the there hand, Makar Yurchenko, has been able to sign many good lap times during FP1 by ending up the fourteenth. Unfortunately, when he was signing his faster lap time during FP2, he crashed. Like Masaki, he was fit to come back on track, but his bike was almost completely destroyed. 


“Today I started the day with a good pace, and I would have liked to try different settings in order to choose the best one for the race. Unfortunately, the crash I had suffered, didn’t let me come back on track and finish the first session. My team have done a very good job with my bike, and I have been able to go out on track with my mate for the FP2. Now we are trying to go out together in order to understand which is the correct line in every corner. I have been able to improve a lot during FP2, but I want to keep on improving because I want to finish in a good position.”


“First day here in Silverstone didn’t go as expected. I really like the new asphalt because it has more grip than the last year. During FP1, I have been able to sign good lap times, and I remained in the first group. Even so, I would have liked to improve my lap time during FP2, because I would have liked to finish in a better position. During the second session, we went out on track with used tyres, in order to find out some informations for the race. In the last minutes, I went out with new tyres in order to sign the lap time, but unfortunately I crashed and I destroyed my bike.”

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