Seventeenth round of the season has finally started this morning with Moto3 FP1. A strange weather here in the south of Australia, a shy sun in the very early morning let arrived an heavy rain just before the first free practice session, which, obviously, has had to be run on a full wet track. 

Kazuki Masaki kept on his improvements, achieved in Japan, in this conditions by signing, lap by lap, better lap times until signing his best one during the last possibility. 

Although Makar Yurchenko has always demonstrated his potential in this conditions, he suffered a bit more the new track but he has been able to keep on improving until the end of the session. 

Weather then changed before the second free practice, letting this time, a full dry track with a temperature of 22°. 

Masaki found it easier to sign a better lap time to finish nearer the firsts riders’ lap times. By made four runs, together with his side of the team, he changed the setting to try find the best one to complete a positive session. Despite his improvements, he didn’t finish in the first fourteen positions, and tomorrow he will go out on track first for QP1. 

Same end of the day for Makar Yurchenko, who found it quite difficult to adapt his style in this amazing but difficult track. Even though he tried both the conditions, he didn’t manage to end up in the positions which would have give him the possibility to go directly to QP2, but he will try it tomorrow during QP1.


“Today we started the first session on a full wet track, which is always more tricky for me than dry conditions. This track is quite different from Motegi due to the high speed we can reach, and it has been more difficult to keep on with the same pace I gained in wet in the last GP, but finally we were improving. This afternoon was very important to take the right slipstream to set a fast lap time; I tried it during many laps but finally I could only finished 1.8 far from the first rider. We will see what the weather will be like tomorrow for our sessions.”


“My first day here has been quite difficult. This is a new track for me, and today I went out on track with two different conditions. I found it quite difficult to learn the track, as many corners, are also behind the mountain and you can’t see directly the direction. All of this become more difficult for the weather, which change many times during the day and is always windy. Finally my position is not so good, but we already know where we have to improve, so tomorrow we will try to complete many laps in order to keep on learning the track.”

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