Finally we landed in Austria for another GP weekend. 

This time the track is the new one of Red Bull Ring, a circuit surrounded by a green nature, which has two long straight and two high ascent. 

An amazing track in which our riders are ready to give their best to try ending up with a positive weekend. 

As every Friday, Masaki and Yurchenko went out on track in the morning for the FP1, during which they had to try some different bike’s setting in order to find the right pace. 

Makar Yurchenko suffered a lot during this first day, and both during FP1 and FP2 he had to work a lot to improve his lap times. This is a difficult track because of the long straight, and normally, riders who are weighty than the others, have to work more in order to sign a good lap time. 

On the other hand, Kazuki Masaki made many changes during FP1 and finally in the FP2 he has been able to improve a lot by ending up the seventeenth. 

Both our riders will study a lot today because they both want to improve a lot for tomorrow. 


“I really like this track because of its characteristic, but at the same time is very difficult here to sign a good lap time if you are not very fast in the straights. This morning I changed bike setting because I wasn’t able to be so fast, and finally during FP2 I have been able to improve my lap time. I want to keep on improving because I would like to do a good qualifying practice tomorrow and try get a good position to start Sunday’s race. “


“Today has been a quite difficult day for me as I suffered a lot find a good pace. I tried to change something in my bike in order to try resolve the problem we have, that is to say the difficult to sign a good lap time, due to the straights this circuit presents. I lost less time in the corners than in the straight compared to the first riders, but of course is difficult to sign a good lap time if I lose many tenths per second in the straights. Today I have to work a lot with my data-analyser because I want to see if it’s possible to change something more in order to keep on improving step by step.”

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