A rainy night here in Alcañiz left a wet track for the last free practice of the Moto3 class. 

Our riders, who already knew that it would have been a strange qualifying day, went out on track to try the setting of their bike in this new conditions. 

Makar Yurchenko really likes wet track, and demonstrated during all the forty minutes that he had the right pace to stay in the first group. After having signed many fast lap time, he ended up the last lap with some red sectores, which gave him the possibility to finish in the fourth position. During QP1 he has been able to sign fast lap times even if track conditions had changed due to the hot sun which dry all the track. Until the last lap he was in the first four riders, but finally he slipped into the eighth position, to start tomorrow’s race from the twenty-second position on the grid. 

On the other hand, Kazuki Masaki doesn’t like wet conditions the same as his teammate, and he had to struggle a little bit more to find the right pace during FP3. Finally weather changed and for the qualifying practice, the track was in his favourite conditions. Although he followed his data-analyser’s tips to try end up in the positions to get into QP2, he missed only a little bit to get there. Even so, he is ready to make a good start from his grid position and try to overtake some riders in the firsts laps. 


“Today we have done a very great result in the FP3, as I always have a strong feeling with my bike in wet conditions. I was in the firsts five riders until the last lap and finally I finished the fourth. Although it has been a good result, lap time has not improved from yesterday, because the track was wet, so we had to went out on track first for QP1. During this fifteen minutes I signed a good lap time to stay in the third position, but finally in the last flying lap I was alone and I have not been able to improve like the other riders. Tomorrow we will try our best”


“As every time the track is in wet conditions, I had to fight with my bike to find the right feeling and try sign good lap times. Unfortunately, yesterday my pace was good, but I have not been able to stay in the first fourteen riders, so today I had to pass from QP1. Together with my engineer studied a lot the strategy to arrive in the last lap with the right pace and try to enter the first four positions, but finally I was alone and I couldn’t sign the lap we were expected. Tomorrow I will start from the back but I will give all my best to try end up a good race.”

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