Jerez’s sunday started this morning with Warm Up session, where riders finally founded the right pace and some positive feelings with the bike. 

At 11 o’clock riders started the race (Yurchenko from P.18 and Masaki from P.22), and they were able to gained positions. 

Masaki ended up in 13° place and he obtained the first points of the season.

Yurchenko, who was fighting the same with the big group crashed in a corner, tried to end up the race but as he lost a lot of time during the crash, he wasn’t able to finish in the classification. 


“I’m a little bit disappointed about today’s race because we were with the big group, and even if the other riders were quite aggressive I think we could have finish the race with some points. In the third lap I had to go straight in a corner as a rider brakes too early. I lost a lot of time with the crash but I decided to go on in order to achieve more experience and study the bike. 


“Today the race was quite positive because I was able to gained the first points of the season and also because the front group wasn’t too far from me. Nevertheless I have to study the bike in order to improving the approach in the corners and try to lean more. My lap time during the race was close to the front group, but unfortunately we started from the back because of yesterday’s qualifying. Next time I will try to do a better qualifying and improving my race result. “

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