Same luck for the both riders of the KTM structure, they crashed because of the hit of other racers in the back of them.
Masaki he was riding in the front group and Yurchenko was improving since the start.

“I am angry because I had a good pace for the race. I was in the front group when suddenly the riders in the back they hit me and because of this I crashed.
We were working so hard since we arrived in Qatar, we achieved to be fast and this is the most important thing to me.
Argentina is waiting for us and i will show that I am strong and I keep improving my riding.
Thank you to all of my team, they are always giving me the support I need to continue working. Also I want to say thanks to Skull Rider, Mugen Race, Ls2 and all the sponsors who help us.”

“It is a shame to finish the race weekend in this way here in Qatar.
I did a nice start and I felt that I was strong to go ahead in the group, but in the first lap, on corner six, another rider hit my bike and I crashed.
Luckily I could restart the bike and continue in the race, but the handlebar it was twisted and I could not ride fast enough.
Now is the time to think about the next race in Argentina.
Finally I would like to say thanks to my team, they worked excellent and to all my sponsors for the support.”

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