Sunday’s race started under a cloudy sky and a lower air temperature than the past days. 

An heavy rain in the night had let the track in wet conditions, which caused an increase in the lap times. 

Our riders went out on track to ride in the WUP, for the first time this year in Sachsenring, in wet conditions, and try to find the right setting for a possible wet race. 

Makar Yurchenko ended up the seventeenth, whereas Kazuki Masaki the twenty-second. 

In the race, both Masaki and Yurchenko have been able to do a good start from their grid position, but due to other riders’ crash in the third corner, they lost some seconds and the first group too. 

Yurchenko completed the race in the twentieth position by riding alone during the 27 laps.

On the other hand, Masaki had to find the right pace in the first laps, until he get the chance to finish in the seventeenth position. 

This has been the last weekend of the first half part of the season. Now it’s time for holidays and training in order to be both relaxed and prepared to do well in the remaining races. 


“It has been a disaster weekend. Both qualifying practice and race has been so difficult for me and I have not been able to end up the race in the points positions. I had a good start from the grid but then I lost the big group because I couldn’t find the right pace. Finally I ended up in the seventeenth position, but it was not the expected and not the one I was searching for. Now I have three holidays week in which I have to train a lot and stay focused on what I need to improve. “


“It has been definitely the most difficult weekend of the season for me. We suffered a lot since Friday to find the right pace and bike’s setting. Both track conditions and my feeling with the bike have been so different than the last races and it has been very difficult for me to stay in the top10. It has been such a pity to end up this weekend in this way because we had good information from the last weekend in Assen. I will train hard during this three weeks because I want to do the best I can in the second part of the season.”

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