David Muñoz crossed the finish line fifth and Vicente Pérez thirteenth, although a penalty after the race left David out of the points, while Vicente finished twelfth

BOÉ Motorsports ended the Malaysian Grand Prix with a good feeling, but not with the expected result. José Ángel Gutiérrez Boé’s team had a good weekend with both David Muñoz and Vicente Pérez, but a penalty prevented the Spanish team from scoring valuable points with Muñoz.

Both BOÉ Motorsports riders had scored points in this Moto3 race before the penalty and, since Friday, they have shown a really positive progression that allowed them both to be in Saturday’s Q2.

Today, while David Muñoz started from eighth position, Vicente Pérez started from seventeenth, and both improved their starting positions in just a few laps. In fact, in just two laps, Muñoz was already in the top five.

Both David and Vicente were able to stay at the front of their groups and rode very intelligently. Despite the equality and the numerous fights in these groups, the two Spanish riders were able to manage both their tyres and their physical condition in really tough conditions. In the end, Muñoz crossed the finish line in fifth position and Pérez in thirteenth.

After the chequered flag, race direction imposed a penalty on Muñoz of 27 seconds on his time, so the Andalusian rider dropped from fifth to seventeenth. As a result, Vicente Pérez gained a place and finished twelfth.

David Muñoz:“In the race we did what we expected, but we are on the right track. I was penalised again, they say I touched Kaito Toba and he crashed, so they gave me a ‘ride through’, which means they added 27 seconds to my time. I don’t agree with this decision, it was a race incident, but that’s the way it is, we have to keep working and that’s it”.

Vicente Pérez: “It was a difficult race. At the beginning of the race I was touched at several points and I was dropped three times. I was last and when I was able to implement my pace and gained confidence I started to ride with the pace of one of the front groups. We showed that we have the pace to fight for the front positions, but the bad start today affected the end. I’m happy because we showed we have the potential to be at the front. I hope to continue in this line and keep doing solid weekends to give the team a good result”.

The next Grand Prix will be held in Qatar, during the weekend of 18-19 November.

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