This morning Makar Yurchenko and Kazuki Masaki went out on the track for FP1 which was declared in dry condition. Kakuzi Masaki was able to find out a positive feeling both with bike and track and he signed a good laptime which let him finished in P.4. This afternoon track’s conditions were quite different, but he was be able to mark a better laptime and ended up in P.11 with 1.42.688
Makar Yurchenko started the day with a good pace which let him stay with the big group. Unfortunately he crashed in a turn and from that moment the bike couldn’t be restarted, due to a technical problem which caracterised all the FP1 since the first run, and which was be solved only during FP2 session. He battled till the end but unfortunately he ended up the day in P.27


“We had a quite positive first day here in LeMans becuase we were able to sign some good laptime both during FP1 and FP2, which, at the moment, give us the pass to go straight to QP2. This morning I tried the hard tyres but we saw that they don’t work well on this track and with the conditions we had today. Instead, with the soft tyre I found a good feeling and I signed a good laptime of 1.42.688. Even if today we made a positive step, I have to work a lot for tomorrow and improve the result we have done today.”


“Today was not a positive day for us, as it was ruined by a technical problem since the first run of FP1. I went out on the track with the big group and i was able to signed some lap with a good pace, but unfortunartely, after the crash the bike couldn’t be restart and till the last 10 minutes of FP2 we couldn’t be able to resolve the problem. We weren’t lucky at all today, and now we have to leave all the work with the bike for tomorrow. It’s such a shame because, normally, on Friday we work a lot and we sign as many laps as possible, but today we were able to end up only 10 laps.”

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