An hot Saturday here in Austria has been the protagonist of Moto3 class’ free practice and qualifying practice, during which riders have registered fastest lap time than yesterday. 

Our riders, who yesterday studied a lot the data with their technicians, have been able to improve their results, and they also have gained the right feeling and pace in order to try prepare a good race. 

Makar Yurchenko, surprised us a lot, as he has not only been able to improve his laptime, but he also obtained a pass to go straight to QP2. He has been able to sign fast sectors during the fifteen minutes of QP2. Unfortunately, as he has exceed to many times track limits, he has been given a penalty and his fastest lap has been cancelled. Even so, tomorrow he will start from the sixteenth position on the grid. 

On the other hands, Kazuki Masaki, has been able to same to improve form yesterday’s result, but this has not been enough to go directly to QP2. During QP1, he suffered a lot the high air temperature, but even so, he kept on with a constant pace and he ended up the fifth. 


“The second day here in Red Bull Ring has been better than yesterday. This morning we changed the engine, and I was feeling even better with my bike. During FP3 I have been able to sign many fast lap times, and I have been able to stay with the first riders for many laps. I also had the possibility to go straight to QP2, during which the track had different conditions because track temperature was hotter. Tomorrow I will start from a good position, but even so, I have to keep on working a lot in order to keep on improving. “


“Today I have been able to improve a lit my riding style in this track, and my lap times today, have been faster than those of yesterday. In the FP3 I have been able to sign quite good lap times, both by riding alone and with the group. This track is not easy and today was even more difficult because of the high air temperature. During QP1, I suffered a lot the hot air, and at the end of this fifteen minutes I didn’t feel very good. Now I have to relax and keep on working , in order to do a good race tomorrow. “

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