Qualifying day here in Brno for the Moto3 World Championship. 

A windy night brought some black clouds, which caused an heavy rain fall during the morning and a lowering air temperature. 

FP3 has been declared in wet conditions and all the riders went out on track with wet tyres. Our rider Makar Yurchenko, demonstrated how well he feels in wet and blended conditions by signing many fast lap times. After having leading for some laps, he ended up the fourth, and he gained the right feeling to do well the same during qualifying practice. On the other hand, Kazuki Masaki, doesn’t like so much wet track, but he has been able the same to improving his lap time lap after lap. He is stronger and he has more confidence with his bike in dry conditions, so he was hoping for a dry qualifying practice. 

After Motogp FP3, a shy but hot sun came out for a while, letting the track drying during moto2 FP3.Moto3 QP, would have expected to be run under the sun, but finally the sky changed colour and an intense rain fell down again. Our riders had to pass through QP1, where Yurchenko ended up the second obtaining the possibility to run also in the QP2. During the last 15 minutes, he has been able to reduce, in every lap, the gap with the first rider, and finally he gained a seventh position on the grid for tomorrow’s race. Kazuki Masaki, who were hoping for a big and hot sun, ended up the eleventh in the QP1, but he gained some important informations in order to improve also in wet conditions. 

Tomorrow the weather will probably be sunny and hotter than today, and our riders will give their best and will push hard to try finish the race in the top10. 


“Today I started the day with a good feeling with my bike. I went out on track for FP3 with the aim to do well, as track was wet and normally I feel good in this condition. I ran during all the forty minutes without entering the pit lane because the bike was perfect, and finally I ended up the fourth. I was almost sure to be able to do well the same in the QP if the track was still wet, and in fact I have been able to obtain a pass to go to QP2. The only thing I missed is the last flying lap only for 10 seconds, but even so, I’m very happy because it’s my seasonal best result in qualifying practice. Tomorrow I will give my best in order to take advantage of the good grid position. “


“Today has been a difficult day for me because I don’t like wet conditions. Yesterday they said that FP3 was probably expected to be in dry conditions, but unfortunately today was full wet. Also the qualifying has been very difficult for me because the track was worst than in the morning. The important thing is that I’m keep working a lot for tomorrow, as the points will be given after race results. I have a strong feeling with the bike in this track, so if it will be a sunny day I will try to do the best result I can. “

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