Today we started the day with the WUP session, the last fifteen minutes in which our riders demonstrated to have found the right feeling with the bike and pace for the race. 

Kazuki Masaki ended up the eleventh, improving a lot his position from yesterday and gaining the right awareness to do well during the race. 

Whereas, Makar Yurchenko had a strong feeling from yesterday’s result and he kept on, also in dry condition, with a good pace, by ending up the fourteenth. 

Also race has been declared dry, and our riders started from the seventh positions on the grid for Makar Yurchenko and from the twenty-fifth for Kazuki Masaki. 

Makar has been able to stay in the first group for many laps and to overtake some riders. In the last six laps there has been a double crashed and starting from this moment the first big group has been divided into two. Unfortunately, Yurchenko remained in the second one, but he has had the possibility to ended up the thirteenth, gaining three championship points. 

On the other hand, Kazuki Masaki made a good start from the grid, and he has been able to overtake some riders until reaching the nineteenth position. 

He manteined the right pace for all the race but at two laps to go he suffered a bad crash and he has not been able to return on track. 


“Finally we ended up this weekend with some more points in the world championship. I had a good start and I have been able to follow first group’s pace during many laps. Unfortunately, a double crash divided the big group into two, and I remained in the second one. Even so I had a positive weekend, I learned a lot and improved a bit my riding style. Now we have to keep on with the same work in order to make another step forward. I want to thank all the team for the great job they have done for me this weekend.” 


“This has been a forgettable weekend for me. Today I had a big crash both during WUP session and the race, when there where only two laps left. I had a good start and I have been able to undertake many riders because my pace was good also during the warm up. Unfortunately the crash I had in the race has been bad and I had to go to the hospital for all the check. It’s all right but I suffered a lot the pain. Now I have two days to relax and prepare the next race in Austria.”

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