Second race weekend in a row for our Moto3 team, which is racing this weekend in the German soil. The shortest track of the championship, the last weekend before the summer break. 

Our riders and team are getting ready to rock in Sachsenring Circuit for a 27 laps’ race. 

A strange weather characterized the first day here in germany, which started, for the moto3 class, with the first free practice session. 

Our riders went out on track with good feeling and many informations from the last race weekend in Assen, and they were able to finish in the top20 although they both were riding alone during the 40 minutes. 

During FP2, our Kazuki Masaki finished the eighth and at the moment he is qualified to go straight to QP2.

On the other hand, our Makar Yurchenko suffered some problems during FP2, due to a strong wind, but even so, he gained some important informations to do well in the second day. 


“I’m happy with the result we signed in the FP2 because finally we finished the eighth. During FP1 I had some setting problems and I wasn’t been able to sign a good lap time, but luckily we fixed it before FP2. In the FP1 I was riding alone for many laps in order to understand which pace I can keep with nobody ahead of me. For tomorrow I have a strong feeling, so I will push hard in order to try sign a good lap time during the qualifying practices.”


“A difficult first day for me here in Germany. In the FP1 I lost some laps to try adjust my riding style in this track, which is very tricky due to his only three right corners and the remaining ten left ones. Unfortunately, during the FP2 there was a strong wind, which didn’t let me keep on with the work we was doing in the morning. Even so, we have to keep on working a lot to try find the right setting for tomorrow, and I have to improve my riding style in the corners.”

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