An hot sun opened Saturday’s qualifying practices in the TT Circuit Assen, which has begun, for the Moto3 class, with the last free practice session. 

Today’s lap times has been better than yesterday’s ones for all the riders, which have caused a big change in riders’ combined standings qualified for QP2.

Our Kazuki Masaki, who paid attention to his coaches’ advices and studied a lot in which sectors he had to improve, has been able to sign a very good lap times by ending the sixth in the FP3. Thanks to his result, he has been able to go straight to QP2, where, unfortunately, he suffered a small crash when he was doing his best lap time. Tomorrow he will start from the fourteenth position.

On the other hand, Makar Yurchenko, suffered a lack of feeling and pace during FP3. He tried to sign fast lap times and he was able to stay with the first riders during some laps, but unfortunately he ended up the twentieth. Due to this position, he had to go out on track for QP1 session, in which he was not so lucky. Finally, he ended up in the twenty-second position.  


“Today I started the FP3 in the right way, by improving a lot my yesterday’s best lap time and my riding style in some corners. I studied a lot and I tried to do the best lines in very corners in order to gain some tenth of a second. During QP1 I was able to stay with the first ten riders and I was signing very good lap times, but, unfortunately, I crashed in the last lap and I wasn’t able to keep on improving. Tomorrow we will start from the fourteenth position and I will try to stay with the big group since the start. “


“Today was not our best day. I didn’t have the same feeling and pace than yesterday and this has affected my results. During FP3 I made many mistakes both with gear and lines, and due to this I lost time in some sectors. Unfortunately, I wasn’t been able to enter in the group of qualified riders for QP2, so I had to pass to QP1. I went out on track with other riders, but they bothered me and I couldn’t sign a good lap time. Even so, I think we have the right informations to try overtake some riders during tomorrow’s race. “

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