Qualifying day here in Sachsenring for the Moto3 world championship. 

This morning took place the last free practice session, which established the combined free practice standing. The first fourteen riders can go directly to QP2, whereas the remaining ones have to battle during QP1. 

In the FP3, our riders suffered some problems due to the bike’s setting and the wind, and unfortunately they weren’t able to finish in the top14. 

Kazuki Masaki finished the twenty-third and Makar Yurchenko the twenty-fifth. 

During Qp2, Masaki has been able to stay in the first five positions for some laps, but he ended up in the ninth position.

On the other hand, Yurchenko has not been able to fix all the problems he had yesterday, and it has been so difficult for him to sign a good lap time. Even so he ended up the QP1 in the twelfth position. 

Even if they will start from the back, they will try to do the best they can to gain some points. 


“Today has been a bad day for me, and I’m very disappointed about my qualifying practice’s result because yesterday we were doing a good job. Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep on improving the lap times we were signing yesterday, due to wind and track’s temperature. Luckily race’s laps are many (twenty seven for the Moto3 class) and I will try to change a little bit my bike’s setting in order to try stay with the big group and gain some important points.”


“In this second day I have been able to improve only a little bit my lap time during FP3. This is a very tricky period for me because I can’t find the right setting for my motorbike, and due to this, it’s so difficult for me to keep a good pace. During QP1, both track and air’s temperature were higher than this morning, and it has been difficult for me to end up in the first positions. Now I have to analyze all the informations I have from today and yesterday in order to try improving something for tomorrow’s race.”

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