As every sunday, our riders Kazuki Masaki and Makar Yurchenko, started the day with warm up session, in which they tried different things in order to choose race’s strategy. 

Kazuki Masaki finished the eight, and he gained the right pace to battle till the end during the 21 race’s laps. 

On the other hand, Makar Yurchenko, was able to sign fast lap time during warm up, but unfortunately, he was involved in an accident in the last lap. Luckly he has been able to keep on and he was ready to fight in the race. 

In the first laps, both Masaki and Yurchenko, were able to gained many positions reaching the leading group. 

Masaki has done a perfect race, where he improved his pace and riding style gaining, also, 20 positions from the starting grid. Unfortunately, at 7 laps to go, had an accident with another rider and he crashed. He ran until the bike in order to keep on the race, and finally he finished just behind the points positions. 

Like Masaki, Yurchenko started the race in the right way, gaining positions and remaining with the first group until the last corners. Unfortunately, he crashed and he couldn’t ended up the race. 

Even if they crashed, riders have improved a lot from the last races and gained many important informations for the next events. 


“At least today was not totally a bad day. Unfortunately I crashed when I was battle in the leading group. Even so, I went back to the track and I was able to finish the race. It’s such a pity because starting from the back and reaching the leading group is such a good job. I gained the right confidence with the bike and that is the positive thing of the weekend. Now we have to keep work in order to improve the results every weekend.”


“I’m a little bit disappointed about today’s results. I crashed two times, first during WUP and then during the race, both due to other riders mistake. During the first three laps, it was hard to me to find the right pace and I lost few positions, but then I was able to improve and overtake many riders until I reached the leading group. Probably, if I hadn’t crashed I would be able to finish in top10 or top5. Even so, I obtained a good feeling with my bike and I will try to do my best in the next races.”

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