Finally our team arrived to Barcelona for the seventh race of the season. 

A very interesting weekend for all the team with all our sponsors and friends here to cheer for us. 

Our riders started the day in the right way, where they went out to the track for the FP1 with all the energies and strength in order to try to end up in the best positions. 

They were able to stay with the big group during all the free practice’s forty minutes and they could finished the eighth for Kazuki Masaki and the ninth for Makar Yurchenko. 

During FP2, riders’ strategy was a little bit different; in fact, Yurchenko went out for run 1 and run 2 with used tires in order to simulate race’s pace. On the other hand, Masaki used new tires and he was able to stay with the group, ending up the tenth. 

For today, both Makar Yurchenko and Kazuki Masaki are in the first fourteen positions of the combined free practices standing, which let them go straight to QP2. 


“I’m very happy with the work we have done today with my team, as I was able to find good feelings with my bike during both FP1 and FP2. Today I was very comfortable with the bike, and thanks to this, I was able to keep a good pace and staying with the big group during FP1. In the FP2 we decided to went out on track with used tires in order to sign many laps and try to understand which strategy will be right for the race. Unfortunately, in the last minutes of FP2, dome rain fell down in the circuit, and nobody was able to sign a better lap time. Even so, I’m now staying in a position which let me go straight to QP2. For tomorrow we have to keep working because I think that all the riders will sign better lap time during FP3. “


“Today my feelings with the bike were very good and also track’s conditions were not so bad. This morning I was able to stay with the first riders and I signed very good lap times during all the forty minutes. This afternoon, during FP2, we made a long run in order to find a good pace for the race. In the last run I went out alone, and even so I was able to sign a very good lap time of 1.49.8, which is very good when signed without any other riders. For tomorrow I have to push more hard in order to try to gain the first two rows in the grid.” 

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