An heavy rain during the night, let a wet track for the last free session of Mot03 class, the last twenty minutes of warm up. 

Our Makar Yurchenko kept on improving his yesterday result by ending up the third and gaining the right feeling to complete a good race. He started the race from the eleventh position, and in the first laps he has been able to overtake some riders, until battling for the fourth position. A contact with another rider forced him to do a different line in a corner in order to avoid the crash, and due to this he lost some positions. Even so, he has been able to ended up the seventh, which is his seasonal best result. 

On the other hand, Kazuki Masaki kept on improving his pace during the twenty minutes of warm up session, even the track was not in his favourite conditions. He started the race from the nineteenth position,  but as he crashed in the first lap, he lost some positions. He has been able the same to come back on track and finish the race in order to gain some important informations for the next events. 


“Today we started the day in a very good way, with a strong feeling thanks to yesterday pace. During warm up, in the wet track, I had once more the possibility to demonstrate I can be very fast in this conditions. In fact I finished this session in the third position and I also had the possibility to sign many fast lap times. I started the race from the eleventh position, due to many riders have been given a penalty because of their irresponsible riding during QP2. I have been able to stay with the first riders during the first laps and my pace was very good. When I was overtaking a rider I had a small contact, but I have been ready to react instantly and I avoided the crash. Even if, after that, I lost the first group, I have been able to ended up the race in the seventh position. I want to thank all my team for all their support and for the great work they made. “


“Even if this morning the track was in wet condition I have been able to improve my time lap after lap. During warm up I had the possibility to save some new informations for the race, in which I tried to have a good start in order to gain some positions, and I have been able to overtake some riders. Unfortunately my target has been more difficult after the crash I had in the first lap. I have been able to keep on the race in order to gain more informations and improve my riding style for the next events. Even so, I’m so upset about this weekend because I would like to stay nearer the first group and demonstrate what I’m able to do.”

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