Race day has started, as always, with warm up session in the early morning, and normally track temperature is not so hot, but here in Mugello is completely different. Our riders went out on track with strong feelings, in fact they were able to sign very good lap times during all the 20 minutes of the sessions. With their performance, either Kazuki Masaki and Makar Yurchenko ended up the warm up near the first riders, in the 13th position for Yurchenko and 19th position for Masaki. The race was expected to be characterized by many battles, as in this track, most of all for Moto3 class, race had always seen a big group till the end, but this year there were many small groups.

Unfortunately, in the first lap, Kazuki Masaki crashed, but as he was in safe conditions, he decided to come back to the track and try to make as many laps as possible. This was not possible because the bike was suffering a lot from the accident. 

Makar Yurchenko battled during all the race and finally he ended up in the 15th position gaining a point for the championship standing. 


“Today I had a strong feeling with my bike and I was able to sign good lap times during all the warm up session. Due to yesterday’s result I had to start the race from the back, but in the first lap I could overtake some riders. Unfortunately, from the first five laps, I wasn’t able to follow the race with the pace I was gaining until that moment. My bike started to run slower and also in the corners my feeling were quite different. Even so, I was able to ended up as the first rider of my group. I’m a little bit disappointed because today we could have finished the race in a better position.”


“Today I started from the back due to yesterday’s qualifying and it is always difficult gaining positions when you are in the middle of the big group. In fact I made a mistake in the first lap and I crashed. Luckily it’s all under control and I feel good the same. For the next races I have to stay focus both in the race and in the qualifying practices, and most of all I have to work hard in order to start from the first four rows. “

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